Espressos, Brews, and Lattes for Every Kind of Day!

If you can’t tell yet, our To Be Loved Team LOVES coffee.

If there was a stronger word than love, we would (stronger word than love) coffee.

Most of us have a coffee or a tea every day whether we are rolling through the Starbucks drive thru, studying at our favorite local coffee shop, or filling our to-go mugs in the morning from our dorm rooms.

Here are some of our favorite lattes, espressos, teas, and brews.

Caramel Macchiato with extra Caramel.

Worked hard this week? Went to the gym? Aced your finals? This is the perfect reward drink!
gobs of caramel, and espresso.. need we say more?

Vanilla Bean Frapp with a pump of Raspberry

Any day and every day, because who doesn’t love a pink cotton candy in a Starbucks cup!

Iced Cold Brew, Black please.

Studying hard or blogging hard, I can sip on one of these day! The best is trying a new brew from a local coffee shop!

Vanilla Capp

the best thing is the sip on a Vanilla Cappuccino while journaling and dreaming of the future. This combo is sure to make you feel on top of the world!

We call this the #tobeloved Lavender Latte Partay.

This is the perfect wind down and Sabbath kinda day. This is so fun to make form home but you can also simply order your favorite latte and add a few drops of Lavendar essential oils. Not only is the taste golden, you’ll feel golden too!

Finally, another #tobeloved specialty: we will call this Earth Day

Green Tea Latte with extra Matcha, Coconut Milk, and no classic.
This is one to bring on a long drive with chill music, and good vibes.

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