Learning to Let go by Julia

 I never would have never thought at the ripe age of 6 that my life would turn out as it has 13 years
later. Not that it’s a bad thing, because if six-year-old me would have had her plans come true I would more than likely be a hot mess and most definitely not be the rock-princess-doctor I imagined.

The thing about our plans is that they will never compare to what God already has mapped out for us far before we ever took our first breath.

I can remember going on road trips with my family when we were younger (pre-GPS era) and always getting off track, always messing up our plans, but always ending up at the right location. Finally in the era of GPS, my dad would end up yelling at the thing anyways because “it knew nothing” and he had “taken the same path for 20 years” and all the while my mom would be next to him saying,
“Honey, just let it go.”

That’s all we need to do sometimes, just let go of all our control and our fear and simply fall back into the plan God had all along. It’s not really fun to die to one’s self…

…I really did want to be a rock star princess with a doctorate, but that wasn’t what was needed of me. Over the last few months, I have realized and seen what it truly means to love and to be loved by God. Sometimes God will literally knock us down flat  to make us vulnerable with Him and guess what – it’s uncomfortable.

It’s time to let go of what is comfortable. It’s time to realize that no matter our circumstance, our God is constant in His love for us. Being uncomfortable is okay, change is okay, not having any control is okay.

This journey that God is taking us on is beautiful and wonderful and it will fill you with fear if you don’t know how loved and blessed you are. In times of stress, in times of pain, in times of happiness God is still good and that will never change. Matthew 5:3 (MSG),
 “You’re blessed when you’re at the end of your rope. With less of you there is more of God.”
Imagine being at the end of your rope, stressed out, crying on your floor, not knowing what else to do but to sob. (I’ve had those moments). Go ahead, cry out because God is listening and in love with you. Let go of the end of your rope and know that God is going to catch you. I know it’s scary –we have all been there– but don’t let the fear of the unknown keep you from what God has for you. The things He has promised us are far beyond any six-year-old’s dream, but sometimes it takes what seems like a thousand years to get there. Trust in the steadfastness of who God is. When you doubt God, pray for faith, when you feel unloved, pray for the flood of His presence to come rush on you.
If anything, I just want to encourage you in whatever season you are in. I know it’s hard and painful and difficult to let go. But I promise you, when we let go of our doubts, our worries, and our pride we can fall at the feet of God ready to receive what He has been waiting to give us for so long.
His love.


You are loved, you have purpose, and you have worth that the Lord has given you. Even if this isn’t what we planned, we’ll always end up at the right place when we are following Him.
XO, Julia

We Would Love To Hear From You:

1. What did you think when you read “You’re blessed when you’re at the end of your rope. With less of you there is more of God.” Matthew 5:3
2. What is the hardest part about letting go?
3. How can we be praying for you?

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