The Greatest Love Story

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To be loved means to Love. And that doesn’t mean to love only when we want to.
There’s no prescription to Love. There isn’t a method. We love simply because that’s what our hearts were created to do. Love is endless. Love is selfless. There is no point of living if there’s no motive behind it and what better motive than loving others above ourselves.
I’m stepping into a new chapter of this beautiful love story with every season that I walk into. I’ve learned that without Love, I have nothing. I’m also learning that it’s not about me, it never has been.
God sent His one and only son to die on the cross for our sins and that to me is the greatest act of love and it represents what love truly is. A model for us to live by.

I had to learn the hard way to sacrifice and be willing to love even when it didn’t make any sense to do so. I lived underneath this cloud for a very long time, where I took the relationships I had of for granted. I felt as if I did not need to show love anymore because I assumed that they already knew that I “loved them.”

 I treated a stranger better than my own family. That is not love.


Love does not show favoritism. Love is constant. Love does not judge. Love is humility and humility is not thinking less of yourself but thinking of yourself less.

I had to realize that I couldn’t change the people in my life. Rather than wasting my time judging them, correcting them, trying to change them, I heard God say “spend your time loving them.”

Even when that seemed like the craziest idea ever, I knew I had to do it because that’s what I am called to do. Remember, it’s not about you. It’s about acknowledging what Jesus did for you and returning the favor for the people around you.

God is like the sun. We can’t see Him because of His greatness, because of who He is; but we can’t see anything without Him. On the other hand, we are very much like the clouds on a rainy day. We tend to cover up the sun (God) and block His light when things are going wrong and when everything seems to be falling apart.

We tend to stop loving because we are so consumed by what is going on in our own person lives that we completely forget who God is.


God deserves the highest of praises from the deepest places. We simply just need to let God be God and trust that He will make all things new and that His light will shine over us. We think that by running away from God is the way when things get rough; But God says, I am the Way and the Truth and the Life.

Love. Such a small, four-lettered word yet it means everything.

I pray that you would begin to make what God sees as your vision, His song on your lips and His heart in your chest. God’s love always stays the same, so ours should too. This is the greatest love story there has ever been and I’m glad to be reading the pages of it with each and every one of you.
XO, Shantel


We Would Love To Hear From You:

What does Love mean to you?
When is it hardest for you to love?

Who do you feel loved by/Do you feel loved?

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