Free to be a Dreamer; Kendall Altmyer’s Story

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Meet Kendall.

Kendall Altmyer, 25, is currently in school for Professional Counseling, loves black espresso, Haka fitness, and pennies. She lives a lifestyle of giving everything to God in every season, from healthy living, to pursuing dream much larger than anyone ever imagined.

“Ask God for things, but when He gives you hard opportunities remember that you prayed and asked for it.” –Kendall

Kendall shared countless stories of asking from the Lord, and how she found the promises in every difficult opportunity.

She lives her life constantly challenging her faith, and trusting that the dreams that the Lord has placed in her heart will come to pass.File Sep 03, 7 08 22 PM

Kendall’s testimony shines with such a boundless faith and great expectation from Jesus.

Then there’s the penny.

Kendall fell in love with the penny in fall of 2012, but would have never imagined she would be the voice to help it change the world. 

The journey she has been on for these last four years was never by her design; it was her willingness that made everything possible. “Dream big, and small.” We may not think we have a world-changing dream or idea, but when we come to God with what we do have, and stay obedient in Him, we will see the lives around us change.

God gave Kendall a dream to give the penny a voice – He was the one who changed the world. She was simply a conduit of God’s will and plans flowing through her life.

Admit that you have no idea what you’re doing.” – Kendall

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If you want to live a life where the dreams you have come to reality, give it all to God and admit that you aren’t the one in control.
Kendall’s obedience and consistency in her life with her time with God, to her time with people, leaves us inspired and believing in everything she does. Her faithfulness and courage are what gave the penny a voice through prayer and sacrifice.

She lives a life to deem others as worthy and shows us what it really looks like to not only pursuing your dreams, but to live a life that glorifies God in every little decision we make.
Want to know more about the penny and its journey? Visit for more about Kendall’s journey with the penny bracelet and her passion for A21 and sex-trafficking victims.
Also, check the penny out on Instagram at @thepennystory !

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