Free to be Close: Intimacy with God

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The problem isn’t that we don’t have access to God, rather that we don’t allow Him access to us.
Don’t get me wrong, our God is all powerful, all knowing, and can stop me in my tracks to get my attention at any moment of any day. But most of the time, my encounters with Him aren’t because He tracks me down and forces me to be with Him.
God is all powerful, but gentle and kind. He is all knowing, yet graceful. God wants to be intimate with us and show us things that we couldn’t even imagine, yet He is patient.
I believe that we can desire and want something, yet not understand its worth and therefore underestimate its value. We want God’s presence. We beg for it our worship songs and prayers.

We desire to be close to God, yet we don’t seek Him because we forget the value and worth of His presence.

We forget the value in the fact that we literally have access to the all-powerful, all-knowing, overwhelmingly loving, God of the universe. We have access to Him and all that He has for us. We are free to ask Him anything, we are free to come and rest with Him, and we are free to be close to Him.
Yes, Jesus came to forgive us for our sins. He took care of that on the cross. But Jesus also came so that we could have closeness to His father. 
He came so that just as He understood unity and intimacy with God, that we would encounter Him in the same way. He came with a commandment to “love the Lord with all your heart…” yet we never get close enough to God to encounter healing in our hearts so that we could fully love Him.
Friend, you have been given a freedom to be close with God, and it’s not hard. There’s no specific prayer or formula.

There’s no posture or place that can make you closer to Him. He just asks for a little bit of time and a heart ready to receive. He just wants you to show up.

Some of the sweetest moments I’ve had with God are the times when I am alone in my room, sitting on my white rug, legs crossed, eyes closed. When I say to Him,
God, I could ask you for a million things right now, but that’s not why I am here. I would love to feel you physically and emotionally and to have a crazy encounter but that’s not why I am here. God, I am here because I just wanted to let you know that I showed up to be with you.
Just turn off your phone. Turn off your laptop. Get alone. Write down or speak out all the thoughts going through your mind. Get rid of the distractions around you. 

Just show up.

Just give Him access for a moment to come in and change everything you’ve ever known. Just realize the freedom and the weight of His goodness that we get to be close to Him.
God, thank You that we can be close to You. Thank You that You don’t ask for or require much. You gave Your Son, so that we could be intimate with You. Today, I just want You to know that I showed up to be with You. You have my heart, so have Your way in me. 
XO, Corina

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