Free to Be Radiant; Overcoming Deception

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Looking back on the past few years of my life, there has been one idea that I’ve believed about myself without ever questioning it or challenging it:
That my body didn’t meet the standards that the world set for beauty, and because of this, I didn’t deserve to be loved.

Growing up in a world that demands beauty and perfection, I was constantly questioning my worth from a young age, and wondering if I would ever become what the world set out for me to be.

Over Christmas break I decided that my goal was to lose as much weight as I could before I went back to school in January. I tried dieting pills, workouts, and multiple diets to try to get the body that I wanted so desperately.

After not seeing results for so long, I became discouraged and started tearing myself up inwardly for not being successful.

One day, I was feeling awful about my body, and I was getting ready to go to a service at my church. I remember looking in the mirror and hearing a voice in my head that said,

 “Jordan, your body is disgusting.”

I knew that that voice couldn’t have been the Lord’s.

In that moment, I finally recognized how weak I was in my mind. I realized that for so long I believed little lies of the enemy and accepted them in my heart, not even realizing that I was receiving them and living in them.

 I was a victim of deception. I accepted the identity that was not mine to carry.

When I recognized that I had been deceived for so long, I declared the truth that God’s Spirit dwells within me, and that His beauty shines and radiates within me.

We are beautiful because the Lord created us in His heavenly image, not because we have a toned body and a beautiful complexion.

When we realize how loved we are by Jesus, we naturally radiate the glory that is the Holy Spirit in us. He promises us that we are so loved by Him, and that His love overcomes any deception and lie of the enemy.

The power of the Lord’s love breaks the chains of deception and frees us from slavery. Because of the victorious love of Jesus, we are all free to be radiant.

When you feel insignificant, unworthy, or shameful, remember Psalms 34:5, 

“Those who look to him are radiant; their faces are never covered with shame.”
When we focus on resting in the Lord’s presence and in His love, we radiate joy and beauty. We are not called to be filled with shame, or feel shameful about the way we look.
Don’t let the schemes and deception of satan lead us away from the promises of our Lord Jesus Christ.

Acts 17:29 states,

“Being then God’s offspring, we ought not to think that the divine being is like gold or silver or stone, an image formed by the imagination of man.”

How much longer are you going to enslave and beat yourself up to fit and serve an image of beauty crafted by the imagination of man? The standards that the world sets are not ours to live by. Enough is enough; don’t hold shame over yourself and be deceived any longer.

If you find yourself struggling to believe that you are a beautiful, worthy child of God, meditate on God’s word. Verses like 1 Peter 3:3-4, Psalm 139:14, Proverbs 31:30, and so many more teach that outward beauty is fleeting but a heart in love with God is to be praised.

Lies have no place in the heart and mind of a son and daughter of God!

Rise up, believe the promises of our Lord, and radiate the joy that you have in being loved by Jesus!

You can overcome deception through the power of Christ’s love. You are free to be radiant.

XO, Jordan

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