Free to be Unhidden; Overcoming Shame and Embracing Grace

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 What I would like to propose is that maybe God is less concerned with fixing you than He is with un-hiding you.
Maybe He is disinterested in you acting like a Christian and more passionate that nothing has to stay hidden.
Maybe God wants to shine a light of truth on your heart and expose sin to be covered with grace so that He can rightly reveal your worth.
John 1 describes Jesus as
“full of grace and truth,”
going on to say, 
“From His fullness we have all received grace upon grace. For the law was given through Moses; grace and truth came through Jesus Christ.”
Grace is the force that pushes back against sin as it constricts and confines your life. It’s the voice that says “this is not who you are” when all you can see in front of you are the sins you feel define your worth and identity.
Truth in the Greek is alethia, which is a compound term meaning, un-hiding. As we see modeled in the garden, mankind is deceived, fearful, and then… hiding.
Jesus came to say,
“You have nothing to fear. You have nothing to hide.”

He comes and un-hides the potential of our worth when it is placed in His hands.


So what does it look like to live in grace and truth?
It looks like the woman at the well in John 4 who tries to hide again and again, but there is a God who cares too much about her worth to let her keep hiding from his love.
It looks like confessing sin. 

Different than repenting to God, but confessing to one another and praying for one another that healing may come, as James 5:16 teaches. We hide because we fear if people know, this thing or moment will define our worth and identity. We cannot let this deception and fear control us.
It looks like encouraging one another, calling potential and dreams to life. I have friends text me often saying “You are seen” because they know I struggle with that mindset. As I unhide my weaknesses and struggles with sin to them, they help unhide the Lord’s grace and purpose towards me. 

Truth is not just about un-hiding sin, but also revealing who we are in Christ.
Living in grace and truth is Genesis 3 when God searches out of redemption instead of anger,
“Adam, where are you?”
God un-hides Adam and then releases truth.
 His response is so gentle: “Who told you that you were naked?” 

Who told you sin defines you? Who told you that you missed your opportunity? Who told you that you aren’t _____ enough? Who told you that you have to work to please me? Who told you I won’t listen to your prayers? Who told you there are certain things my grace won’t cover? Who told you I am angry and disappointed? Who told you that my love runs out?
Living in grace and truth looks like seeing Jesus rightly.


“From His fullness we have all received grace upon grace.”
XO, Natalie

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