Called to Trust by Kendall

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I’m completely awe-struck, filled with wonder, and blown away by the work God has done in my life. God has taken every area of my life and done exceedingly and abundantly more than I could ever imagine…

So why can’t I trust Him with my relationships?

I’m always plagued with questions like,
“Why don’t you have a boyfriend?”
“You’re so beautiful, how come you’re not dating?”
Questions like these can end with the other person being super encouraging, but most of the time end with unsolicited advice/tips and tricks on how to get a man… 
This all seems really innocent and lighthearted- but often times comes with some unforeseen damage. This puts an enormous amount of pressure on us… So we decide to do something about it. We scroll through Instagram, find someone, decide in our mind that we are going to date that person, and then we find ourselves spending our free time thinking
“how am I going to date them… who is my ‘in’…. how can I get this person’s attention?”
Call me crazy, but you’ve done it too.
This causes an unnecessary amount worry, stress, and anxiety.
Too often we compartmentalize our lives. 

We forget that the same God that provided for us in one scenario is the same God that goes before us in all areas of our life, for the rest of our life.

It’s hard to worry and trust God at the same time.
I don’t ever want to let the fear of being twenty-two and single get me into a relationship with someone who isn’t everything I’ve dreamed, hoped, or prayed for.
The reality is the initial excitement will wear off faster than you’d think. The sparks can only last for so long. And if you have to force something, it probably wasn’t meant to be in the first place.
We’ve gotta get to the place where we realize…

If God sets something in motion, we can’t stop it. When He wants something to stop, we can’t save it.

Don’t hold on to what God is telling you to let go of. There won’t be room in your hands to receive the better reward He has for you!
 XO, Kendall

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