Darlings of the Month: Kirsti & Emma Mutz – People Like Us Documentary

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This month we are talking about dreams and calling! We couldn’t help but think about our good friend Kirsti Mutz and her sister Emma Mutz who are living out and walking in the call that they believe God has for them in this season of their lives.
People Like Us is a documentary that will kick start a nonprofit to shine light on intellectual disabilities in various avenues. 

This is a dream that Kirsti has been developing throughout her entire college career, but it’s also a journey that her family has walked through with her 16 year old sister, Emma, one of the six individuals with varying abilities who star in the feature-length documentary. 

“Seeing her [Emma’s] life being celebrated rather than corrected was more rewarding than I could’ve ever thought.” – Kirsti Mutz
Through this documentary and every future endeavor of this organization, Kirsti and her team will be touching the lives of everyone they encounter and changing the negative perspective that the general public seems to have on those with intellectual disabilities.

This dream becoming a reality is the result of God’s love and grace matched with a life willing to be vulnerable and intentional. We hope that you too would ask God what He would use your life for. Who will you stand up for? How will you use your talents, gifts, and passions to bring light and attention to those who may not have a voice of their own?

Emma’s story and so many others are just waiting to be heard. If you happen to be in the Lakeland, Florida area on Tuesday March 22nd, come to the premier of People Like Us at the Polk Theater at 7pm. 

We promise, you won’t regret it.

For more information, or to get involved with this movement, check out the links below!

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