Free to be Pure

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You are free to be pureLet that sink in.
My time in high school was (at first) a constant battle between choosing the world and choosing God. I felt as if I was being pulled in 1,000 different directions. Soon, I began to want everything the world had to offer. By the end of high school, I wouldn’t even consider it a battle anymore because I let myself indulge in that world.
I completely let my guard down.
 I went out almost every weekend messing with the same old garbage. Now, I’m not saying I went off the edge and publicly rebelled against any and everything that was of the Lord. I’m talking about the sneaky, serve at church on Sunday then back to partying on Friday and Saturday type of life.
There were people who looked to me as a role model in the church, but I was still feeding the wrong desires.
I remember being so frustrated with myself thinking 
“Ruthy, what the heck are you doing?! You are becoming the very person you said you never wanted to be!” 
Despite my frustration, the easiest thing for me to do was just stay where I was.
My senior beach week or what I called – “my last hoorah” was where I fell hard into sexual sin. Something that was once so sacred to me was given away in the most foolish way. For weeks I justified that sin. For months I let myself believe I was okay. Though, deep down I felt disgusting. I felt reckless and ashamed.
It started with my impure thoughts. It was so contaminating, and the scary part was that I knew how damaging it was, yet I continued to live in that mindset. Jesus has called us to a life of purity. 

Not just pure actions, but pure thoughts.

Listen very carefully, you may be in deep deep waters of this world, and I know what it’s like. But you do not need to stay there! Hear me out, that life will never satisfy you.

Fight your flesh, surrender to Jesus.

It wasn’t until my first semester in college where I finally addressed the guilt and shame about my past sins. I finallycried out to God to make me whole again. I cried out for Him to restore the brokenness I had caused.
I will never forget hearing this, “God is not afraid of your sins.”
See, had I not repented, I wouldve completely missed out on Gods power to make me whole again.
Create in me a clean heart, O God, And renew a steadfast spirit within me Psalm 51:10.
It is so heavy on my heart to let you all know these few things:

You are not damaged goods.

In fact, in His word it says we are fearfully and wonderfully made. (Psalm 139:14) Our God who created heaven and earth values YOU. Keep walking in that truth!

You are not incapable of being forgiven.

“Come now, let us settle the matter,” says the Lord.“Though your sins are like scarlet,  they shall be as white as snow;though they are red as crimson,they shall be like wool.” Isaiah 1:18

I believe in you.

If nobody has ever said this to you, just know, I believe in you. Really, I do. Overcoming sexual sin – or any sin is brutal. No matter how far you think you are from God, He has been waiting for you.
Friends, I pray that you be aggressive against your sins. I pray that you will stop at nothing to chase after Jesus, who in turn will deliver you from your iniquities. Lord, thank you for setting the standard of purity in our lives. Let us never settle for a life less than what You have called us to. In your mighty name, Amen.
XO, Ruthy

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