Darling of the Month: Alexis Quinn and Kool 2 B Kind

 Meet Alexis Quinn! Senior at Southeastern University, Tennis player, and Activist against bullying.
This month not only are we highlighting Alexis Quinn, but we are so excited to share with you about a project that has captivated the heart of Lakeland, Florida and our surrounding area: Kool 2 B Kind. We encourage you to not only read more below about Kool 2 B Kind but to get involved with this incredible project! Here is our inside scoop interview with Alexis Quinn.

What inspired you to start Kool 2 B Kind?


The idea to start this project was a collaboration of quite a few people including professors, a former college athlete, and myself.  A young girl in Lakeland, Florida by the name of Rebecca Sedwick committed suicide in September of 2013 after being bullied. When we got wind of the tragedy that took place just a few miles down the road from Southeastern University, we knew there was a problem and we were determined to be a part of the solution. We started Kool 2 B Kind through a national non-profit organization called Enactus in October of 2013.

What are the most challenging and rewarding parts of leading this project?


The most challenging part for Kool 2 B Kind was actually in early 2015 when the buzz of Rebecca Sedwick’s death had finally died down. It seemed as if schools had stopped seeing a need for this growing issue in our society, but we knew there were so many more Rebecca’s out there.
The most challenging part for myself with Kool 2 B Kind was simply learning to balance all areas of my life. Everyone always says that you make time for is what’s important to you, and this year, Kool 2 B Kind became a top priority for me. 
The most rewarding part of Kool 2 B Kind is two-fold. It’s just like a mission trip; you spend months planning for your trip to go and change lives, and what really happens is those people end up changing YOUR life just as much or if not more than you changed theirs. At our events, college athletes engage young students through sports and activities. They spend time just showing these kids kindness. In return, our athletes are being loved on and reminded that we are essentially all just children, children of God. The younger students that we are reaching are impacted as well. It becomes contagious for them to show love, joy, and kindness to their peers at school.


 How has your relationship with God impacted this dream?

You know for a while I didn’t think I was growing in my relationship with God at all because the time I was spending on K2BK was time I wanted to be spending with God or doing ministry. Then my pastor told me “Alexis, you’re doing ministry without even realizing you’re doing it.”
I had neglected to realize that serving God’s Kingdom can mean simply serving my community. My relationship with God has definitely grown immensely. I have learned to walk with slow feet, to trust in Him, and that He ALWAYS provides.

How can others get involved?


The best way to get involved is by coming to our upcoming event! With the growing demand to advocate anti-bullying in today’s world, Kool 2 B Kind has the opportunity to partner with another anti-bullying organization that was also founded in Lakeland, called Jaylen’s Challenge.
On April 9th 2016 at SEU’s Victory Field, Jaylen’s Challenge and Kool 2 B Kind will come together to host a citywide 5K race and community event. For more information about this event and to keep up with how Kool 2 B Kind is changing the world, go to Kool2BKind.org!

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