Let’s Talk About: Fear & the Red Sea by Raquel


It was a chapel service like none other. It was different. It was real. God was there.


I was worshipping and as the band played one of my favorite songs “No Longer Slaves” by Bethel Music I sang along as if it were my anthem.


“No Longer Slaves” is a song that talks about no longer being a slave to fear because you are clinging on to the truth that you are a child of God. As the song came to an end, a powerful woman of God spoke.


She shared about the story of Moses and the Israelites at the Red Sea because the song has a line that says


“You split the seas so I can walk right through it.”


She spoke of how God helped them cross by parting the Red Sea. A typical story that is shared often in the Christian community but this time God reveled something different to me.


The woman speaking asked what the red sea in our life was. She shared how God didn’t take the Israelites “around” the Red Sea but right “through” it and how sometimes we must go “through” things.


Once she finished sharing, the band sang the bridge of the song again.
“You split the seas so I could walk write through it.
My fears are drowned in perfect love.
You rescued me so I could stand and sing I am a child of God.”


As I sang this over my life I kept thinking about the story of Moses and the Israelites. When I asked my self about the Red Sea in my life, I realized:


It was my calling.


The Lord has revealed different things He wants me to do in life for Him and I’m not gonna lie… sometimes it can be overwhelming. I wonder how in the world will I possibly be able to do this. But the truth is its not you, its God.


For me, my Red Sea is a huge sea of the unknown.


As I continued thinking about the story of Moses, I started to think about Pharaoh’s army and how they were chasing after Moses and the Israelites. I thought to myself, if Pharaohs army wasn’t there chasing them, would the parting of the Sea ever even have happened? I mean they could have thought,


“Oh let’s just go around it, we have the time” or “lets camp out by the sea for a little bit”.


They could have had time to view their options but because something was chasing them, they had to trust God because there was no time for anything else. They saw a miracle because they were placed in a situation where a miracle was the only pathway to salvation.


As all this was running through my mind, I thought of my own life. Fear is something that constantly chases me. Fear of rejection, fear of not being good enough, fear of not meeting expectations, fear of not fitting in, fear of failure, and so on.


I believe that it is fear that pushes me to achieve what God has called me to do because it’s through this fear that I am able to understand that on my own I can do nothing and that I need God.


Going back to Moses and the Israelites, what happened to Pharaoh’s army in the end? They ended up drowning. Just as Pharaoh’s army drowned I believe exactly what the song says,


“You drown my fears…”


As I push into my call and what God has for me, fear will drown. So fear may push me towards what God has for me but there comes a point where fear must drown,


because fear cannot go where God is taking me.


So what is your calling? Maybe you don’t know it yet and that’s ok.


NEVER think you don’t have a calling from God. Just because your calling may look different than others that doesn’t mean that you don’t have one. But as you are on this journey of discovering your call, realize one call you already have on your life.


We are all called to be children of God. He longs to know you more and will never stop pursuing you. It is because we have the title of “Children of God” that we can do the impossible. But never forget the ending of that phrase, “of God”. That reminds us that we cannot accomplish the life God has for us unless we understand that we need him EVERY step of the way.


There are some things that have to drown for us to reach where God is calling us. For me, fear must drown. I must be Fearless. What must drown in your life so you can reach new heights?


XO, Raquel

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  1. Wow Raquel, you really made me see this story in a different light and I’m blessed by your transparency. I’m looking forward to your next post. Blessings!

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