In but not Of By Cori


You turn on the TV and you hear about it, you log onto social media and you see it, you walk in the grocery store and read magazine headlines about it; there is really no getting away from any of the shocking, yet not-so-shocking, reality of this world.

Living a life that is set apart from the ways of this world can sometimes just be plain hard.


But, I like to talk about things that are hard because that usually means challenges, and challenges bring growth.


Glynnis Whitwer said this once on the Proverbs 31 Blog,

“When I sacrifice my character for the world’s security, I will always be left wanting, but when I find my security in Christ, the crooked paths don’t seem so promising.”


I understand that the topic of living an authentic, genuine, Christian lifestyle can be somewhat of a turn off or not the “most cool” thing on the market. Different polls have shown what each generation feels about Christianity and each generation gets more and more hesitant. When I heard this, I was really taken aback and I wasn’t quite sure why I was feeling the way that I was.

My recent challenge: what can I do to help change this? I feel as if the answer can be fairly simple, if I allow it to be.


Be IN the world but not OF the world.


I had to realize that being in the world but not of it meant loving people the way Jesus did and letting the Lord take care of the rest.

Loving people, the way Jesus did mean not judging them, regardless of how they are living, going out of your way to love on that person who is hard to love, and appreciating people that you normally would overlook.

Cheer people on. Call out the good in people instead of focusing on the bad. Celebrate the big accomplishments and help them through their failures. The type of love that Jesus displayed will win every time!


In the world, but not of it.


I have been mocked, I have been laughed at and I have been misunderstood for upholding the convictions that the Lord has placed on my heart.

It has made me want to back away from my morals and just do what everyone else was doing because it would just be easier that way. Even as I write this post it makes me want to be silent out of fear of what people are going to think. But when I take a step back and remember that I am not here to please people but am here to serve the Lord, my mind finds peace and my heart finds rest.


In the world, but not of it.


If you can relate to any of this, I want to take some pressure off of you by reminding you to


The world will be able to see Jesus in you simply by the way you live your life, set apart. Speak with grace, walk in love and dance your way through this crazy thing called life.

XO, Cori

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