TBLB DEVO: Character


“Character may be manifested in the great moments, but it is made in the small ones.” – Phillips Brooks


When God takes us through a season of molding it’s very easy for us to get discouraged. We are surrounded and consumed by the sights of tearing down which leads us to forget the beauty of what is being rebuilt beyond the dust.


James 4:10 says, “Humble yourselves before The Lord and He will lift you up.”


It may seem at times that you are literally being thrown down to the ground.

All the hard work, sacrifice, and time spent investing in the success of what was before you or even the time put towards working on yourself, feels like it was done in vain. Yet remember that there will be seasons where the Lord will humble your heart.

He will take the areas where we are confidant in and teach us to place HIM above ourselves. When we lift up the Lord in our personal lives, He will lift us up to the world.

In moments of doubt, I pray that we remember that His word never returns void and that the promises He placed over our lives, are simply in the act of coming to pass today.

In moments where you feel that your confidence is gone, I pray that the Lord builds confidence in the weak areas that you didn’t even realize where there.

In great moments where your strengths are brought to light, I pray you remember to remain humble and to seek God just as much as you did in moments of hurt and confusion.


The Lord is an architect of celestial and glorious works, and odds are that when we go through the process of molding our character, it WILL hurt.


Yet to be Christ-like we must lose some of ourselves, and the beautiful thing is, we find the best of our character, in Him.

XO, Jireh

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